Elysian Split Shot: A True “Pick Me Up”


In Seattle, Washington, where Elysian Brewery is based, coffee and beer are raised together as brother and sister; each one treasured and nourished equally, yet differently.  Take it from me, a Seattle native (home of the original Starbucks): We take our coffee very seriously. In fact, likely too seriously.

That’s why the “Split Shot” Espresso Milk Stout by Elysian is the perfect way to blend a “go, go, go” mentality into a “woa, woa, woa” experience! With magnum hops, accompanied by rich chocolate, roasted barley and Kiln Coffee, Split Shot is both a punch-in-the-tongue craft beer as well as a charming dessert!

And luckily for us, this seasonal beer releases each Spring… just in time for Bites ‘n Brews this year!

Not much of a Stout drinker? Neither was I! Don’t let the dense, dark color fool you – Split Shot is sure to please any espresso and/or coffee lover! 

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